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The Latest Guitar Buying Guides and Tips To Become A Better Guitar Player

restring electric guitar

How to write chord progressions in any key

We’ve all slaved over a nice tune we’ve been working on, trying to come up with the perfect next chord to move it along. Well…


Top reasons your guitar won’t stay in tune

Difficulty in getting your guitar to hold its tune is a common problem.  It’s one of the most frequent internet searches relating to guitars and…

guitar teacher

How much are guitar lessons?

If you’re thinking about learning how to play guitar, one of your first questions is likely to be: how much do guitar lessons cost? Whether…

electric guitar

What are the different parts of an electric guitar?

There are two main types of guitar: acoustic and electric. Electric guitars are made up of far more components than acoustic guitars.  Despite this, most…

restring electric guitar

How to change guitar strings – a guide on restringing electric and acoustic guitars

Restringing a guitar is a pretty simple task, when you know what you’re doing! If you have never changed the strings on a guitar before,…

electric guitar

The different types of guitar explained

Guitars come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing a guitar for the first time can be a daunting experience. Whether you want to play…

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