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Watch the first trailer for new Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic’

The first trailer for Supersonic, the hotly-anticipated new documentary charting the rise of Oasis, has been released today.

The documentary was made by the same team that made the award-winning Amy Winehouse documentary ‘Amy’, and is due to hit cinemas on 2 October.

As Liam and Noel have never been shy when it comes to interviews, there’s not much we don’t know about their 20 years together as one of the biggest UK rock bands ever. However, the film boasts a lot of ‘previously unseen footage’ which should provide a unique insight to their brilliant, and at times, tumultuous musical partnership,

The trailer shows footage of Oasis from the very beginning, as ‘lads on a council estate’, all the way to the height of their fame as full-on tabloid fodder and their historic two-day event at Knebworth in 1996.

Watch the trailer:

Noel and Liam both provided voiceovers for the film, and although they recorded their contributions separately their joint involvement has given hope to fans still pining for a reunion.

The film’s director Mat Whitecross refused to rule out the possibility of an Oasis reunion during a special screening of the documentary at Festival No 6 on Sunday, saying:

“Neither of them have discounted the idea of getting back together. It will happen, I’m sure. The idea of never seeing them again for me is impossible.”